"It was this summer when I bumped into Ewa Borysiewicz in front of an art gallery in Warsaw that we coincidentally discovered our mutual love for table tennis. This slightly amusing sport seems to be the most representative physical activity for a stereotypical image of a visual artist, and certainly the most suitable one. Tall and slim persons in black from head to toe, wearing glasses do not have to change their image, carefully designed over the years, in order to hit the ball over the table. The possibility to maintain a relatively static posture, and to smoke during the match, makes table tennis the only discipline truly acceptable by artistic communities. Taking the mickey out of my own community, I reminded Ewa that I played a ping pong game at the Lecture Hall of the Academy of Fine Arts in my final year. Back then, I challenged the Rector to the duel. We had sound at our disposal as the table was amplified. Reverberation machines on each side allowd us to change the length and frequency of the ball rebounds. Ewa and I came up with the idea of repeating this gag adapting it for the WGW event in a form of tournament. Aren’t social games and their amplified formula of an art gallery weekend nothing but showing off muscles in the spotlight in order to attract tournament audience. Do all play fair? #NotFair? Which gallery spins the ball and which one smashes it? How about those who do not make it to the starting lineup? Does the second division aim at organizing an alternative tournament? Who is stronger: artists or curators? Of course, this gig has a critical potential but let’s remember that we’re inviting everyone to meet at the table. When people of culture meet at the table, there is wine and music, isn’t there? The AmplifiedPingPong will open up the opportunity to create live music. We have invited Warsaw-based duo focusing on experimental and noise music, Mazut, which is going to take over the umpire’s position and play an improvised set based on the sounds generated by the table. What music can one expect from a band which releases such treats on cassettes as dictaphone recordings of a working dishwasher? Is this going to be art or hackwork? Well.."

Text by Konrad Smoleński
Curated by Konrad Smoleński and Ewa Borysiewicz
Live music by Paweł Starzec & Michał Turowski - MAZUT.
Event happened during Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2017 in Instytut Adama Mickiewicza, Warsaw. 22/09/2017.


Composition of ambient and drone music mixed with field recordings, microsamples and prepared electrical guitar, written and recorded especially for the performative reading of "Śmierć człowieka wiewiórki", a drama on RAF and Ulrike Meinhof, directed by Agata Koszulińska in The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw.



Documentation of a sound installation presented during Unigeo Festival 2017, mixed with source track. Field recordings, ambient layers and prepared guitar used in source piece were recorded in late summer of 2016, while I was coping with a sudden death of my close relative.

The room is narrow and completely dark, and there are two guitar amps set back to back in the middle. Ambient track, composed of cut-up field recordings and instrumental parts is being played on a loop from a cassette dictaphone through a guitar amp, then picked up by a microphone, processed through fx beyond recognition, and played through the second one, facing the entrance. One has to pass the wall of loud noise at the enterance to discover the true nature of the sound.