Paweł Starzec:
Documentalist, photographer, sociologist. Mainly interested in correlations between space and its context, and in envisioning broader processes through their aftermath and peripherals. Visual sociologist, working in the field of modern iconography and visual narratives. Teacher at School of Form SWPS University of Warsaw. Creator of workshop programs, co-founder of Azimuth Press art/education collective. Member of APP platform.  Ph. D. candidate at Applied Sociology Department of University of Warsaw, graduate of Institute of Creative Photography of Silesian University in Opava (MA). Musician and sound artist, currently playing in Mazut, and solo as Industry Standard or Centralia. DIY / zine culture enthusiast.

2021: winner, Spojrzenia (with APP collective)
2021: nomination, Paszport Polityki (with APP collective)
2021: winner, Urbanautica Institute Awards 2020 (for: Makeshift)
2020: honorable mention, Allegro Prize 2020
2020: honorable mention, TIFF Open (for: Zersetzung)
2019: shortlist, Lucie Foundation 2019 Emerging Artist Grant (for: Zersetzung)
2019: honorable mention, Lodz Fotofestival 2019 Grand Prix prize (for: Makeshift)
2018: honorable mention, CDS Documentary Essay Prize in Photography (for: Makeshift)
2018: shortlist, Polish Photographic Publication of the Year (for: Becva Interiors)
2018: finalist, Grand Press Photo 2018 in Documentary (for: Makeshift)
2018: winner, The Magenta Foundation Flash Forward 2018 (for: Makeshift)
2017: winner, LensCulture Emerging Talent Award (for: Makeshift)
2017: winner, Encontros da Imagem Discovery Award (for: Makeshift)
2017: finalist, Photon’s Different Worlds 2017 (for: Makeshift)
2017: shortlist, Lucie Foundation 2017 Photo Taken Emerging Scholarship (for: Makeshift)
2017: shortlist, Athens Photo Festival (for: Makeshift)
2017: 2nd place, Belgrade Photo Month New Talents (for: Makeshift)
2015: shortlist, Polish Photographic Publication of the Year (for: Mountain)

Individual exhibitions:
2019: Makeshift, Places of public utility, IFF, Warszawa
2018: Makeshift, MŰTŐ, Budapest
2017: Makeshift, Water Memory, Miejsce przy Miejscu, Wrocław
2012: Home, Fridom, 3A Project Space, Gdynia
2011: Home, Fridom, Galeria Scena, Koszalin
2010: Home. Fridom, G23 CRK, Wrocław

Selected group exhibitions:
2021: Zersetzung, Atlasy Nowych Topografii, Galeria Centrala, Poznań (PL)
2020: Letniska, Nowe Ciepło festival, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie (PL)
2019: Makeshift, Made in Opava, Historical Museum of Katowice (PL)
2018: Home, Gewalt, How to refuse?, BWA SiC, TIFF Festival, Wrocław (PL)
2018: Nothing left to be saved, IFF, Warszawa (PL)
2018: Makeshift, Andere Welten, Photon Gallery, Wien (AT)
2018: Makeshift, LensCulture Emerging Talent, Klompching Gallery, New York (USA)
2018: Makeshift, Topografie, I. Zjeżdżałka Festival, Poznań (PL)
2017: Makeshift, Collection of Encontros da Imagem, Museo Muncipal, Outono Fotográfico, Ourense (E)
2017: Makeshift, Drugačni Svetovi / Different Worlds , Kino Šiška, PHOTON, Ljubljana (SLO)
2017: Makeshift, Encontros Da Imagem, Edifício do Castelo, Braga (PT)
2017: Makeshift, New Talents, Belgrade Photo Month 2017 (SRB)
2015: Concrete, Krajobrazy miejskie, Festiwal Przestrzeni Miejskiej Rzeszów (PL)
2013: To so mladi ljudje, Skrinja Prodajna Maribor (SLO)
2012: it's not good enough, Liebig12 Berlin (DE)
2011: Home, Title Unknown, Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław, TIFF Festival (PL)
2010: Normalizm #1, College of Communication London (UK)

Books and zines:
2017: Becva Interiors zine
2016: Jagmasters & Tape Hiss zine, with Martyna Wyrzykowska
2014: Góra/Mountain zine, with Martyna Wyrzykowska
2013: Iconoclasm in Ena Rola Filma: On images and photographs
2010: Utopia in Normalizm #1

2017: Myth and Construction by Michał Sierakowski, LAW, Warszawa
2016: Newer Topogaphics group exhibition, Dom Literatury, Łódź / as a part of Fotofestival 2016

Residencies & Workshops:
2019: Photo Plat(t)form 2019, Winterthur
2012: Ein Lab: interact! residency, Berlin

2016 - present: Applied Social Sciences, Ph. D., University of Warsaw
2018 - 2022: Photography, MA, ITF Silesian University in Opava
2014 - 2018: Photography, BA, ITF Silesian University in Opava
2014 - 2016: Applied Social Sciences, MA, University of Warsaw
2011 - 2014: Sociology, BA, University of Wrocław

Guest lectures & Workshops:
University of Warsaw, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, School of Visual Communication in Kiev, Lodz Fotofestival, Akademia Fotografii Kraków, Lens Escuela de Artes Visuales Madrid, Pauza Gallery Kraków, ZPAF Warszawa, WSF Wrocław, OPT Wrocław, Służewski Dom Kultury, CPK Praga Południe

Selected publications & Interviews:
Od skłotersów po Bałkany, Filip Skrońc, – radio interview available online, March 23rd, 2020 (POL)
“Covid Clubs” – Zdjęcia klubów w czasie pandemii, Paweł Mączewski, Radio Kampus – online, July 13th, 2020 (POL)
I Don’t Want to Go Back to the Constant FOMOMichał Dąbrowski, – online, July 15th, 2020 (ENG)
Mur był na zawsze, a potem nagle zniknął, Paweł Starzec, Goethe Institut Magazin – online, November 2019 (PL/DE)
Korekta postawy, Paweł Starzec, Goethe Institut Magazin – online, November 2019 (PL/DE)
These Apparently Ordinary Places Hide a Horrible, Horrible – online, October 2nd, 2017 (ENG)
Staram się nie być kolonizatorem, Beata Bartecka, – online, May 24th, 2017 (POL)
Architecture and Power 2: Block party, Anastasiia Fedorova, Calvert Journal – online, June 2016 (ENG)
Unsettled ground – Revisiting the lost sites of the Yugoslav wars, Anastasiia Fedorova, Calvert Journal – online, May 12th, 2016 (ENG)
Пишите вашу историю: Боснийские концлагеря сегодня, Alina Sandulyak, Bird In Flight – online, June 13th, 2018 (RU)
Photographer Paweł Starzec explores war, landscape and history in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Trip Mag – online, February 5th, 2017 (ENG)
Winners write history: Pawel Starzec inspects Bosnian War’s leftovers, C41 Magazine – online, January 18th, 2017 (ENG)

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