Mazutti is an effect of collaboration between Mazut, an electronic noise/industrial/techno duo of Paweł Starzec and Michał Turowski, and Macio Moretti – one of the most renowned musicians of polish alternative and avantgarde.

An album, “Kształt Jazzu Który Ma Dojść” was recorded and released in joint collaboration of Lado ABC and Japan’s Sei No Kaiki Records, together with lathe cut 7” singles released by Don’t Sit On My Vinyl records – Dżungla Kwitu 7” with handmade artwork by Bolesław Chromry, and Lucky Me / Lucky You 7”, with otherwise unreleased tracks. A live tape was released in 2019 by Dreamland Syndicate. We also did a mini concert / live in studio video with Sad Sessions.

photo: Karol Grygoruk