I record as a solo artist, mainly as Centralia or Industry Standard. 


Industry Standard


Industry Standard is an industrial techno project, focused on heavy and abrassive danceable sounds. It came to life in 2019, and after a string of demo recordings and a digital single, first full album, Dominant Hand, was released in joint collaboration between Positive Regression and Z.W.F., in digital format and as CD.



Centralia is my solo music output, founded under this name in 2015. Both live material and tape releases were designed around connecting topics in the matter of concept, but not aeshtetics. Utilising cheap analog sound generators, guitar pedals, toy synths, prepared guitar, tape machines and samplers, everything done under this alias connects under the same denominator of various forms of violence. Pulp fantasy, TV docudramas, war, war through the lens of media, civic unrest, colonial appropriation of underprivileged cultures.

Current discography:

Discipline (BDTA, 2015)
Centralia / Gazawat SPLIT - Stimulated Drowning In A Controlled Environment ‎(BDTA, 2016)
Prijedor (BDTA, 2016)
Centralia / Gazawat SPLIT - Věrnost Za Věrnost / Ljubav Za Ljubav (Mozdok, 2017)
B Sides (Self-released, 2017)
Schwarze Kanal (BDTA, 2017)
Lumbago (Positive Regression, 2018)
Ghost Report (Positive Regression, 2019)

[Live recordings / official bootlegs]
Prijedor AV live (2016)
Schwarze Kanal AV live (2017)
Ladom (video) (2017)
In Transit (2018)
Burial Rite (2018)

photo: Andrzej Szopa / Natalia Mikołajczuk